Tenuta Le Potazzine

Tenuta Le Potazzine

About Tenuta Le Potazzine

Located in the Montalcino township in the province of Tuscan in Siena, the estate of Le Potazzine extends over five hectares of vineyards. They remain officially and legally registered to the name of Brunello di Montalcino. The two pieces of land lie in different areas, separated between 3.5 hectares and 1.5 hectares. The former remains situated 1665 feet above sea level at Le Prata. On the other hand, the latter lies in the southern Montalcino sector or region at Sant’Angelo in Colle, 1,37,795 feet above sea level. 

The estate remains surrounded by the natural and unspoiled setting of woods. In recent times, with global climate changes, the region received beneficial conditions that promote the growth of the vines. The cold and light breezes facilitate pollination and blow away the fungus, bacteria, and other pathogens. They prevent humidity build-up and preserve and promote the health and growth of the vineyards. Additionally, the vineyards’ altitude helps form beneficial temperature swings and transitions from daytime heat to night-time coolness. It proves indispensable to the creation and production of high-quality wine. 

Tenuta Le Potazzine incorporates and focuses on harvesting and cultivation by hand. It maintains and ensures complete control over the integrity of the vines and the picked berries. The processes of ageing and fermentation are rigorously conventional. All of them guarantee the production of wine in a natural and chemical-free way, seeking elegance, balance, and a rich taste. 

In the estate, the cultivation of grapevines and the production of wines follow methods that work with and respect nature. The workers avoid creating products via chemical synthesis and limit human interaction to the minimal possible stage. They do so by following their keywords of harmony, cleanliness, and finesse.  In recent times, the estate has moved on to a phase of converting to organic agriculture.

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