Terrazas de los Andes

Terrazas de los Andes

About Terrazas de los Andes

Michel Aimé Pouget introduced the alleged "French grape" Malbec to Argentina in the year 1850. Sotero Arizu, who was among the founders in the manufacturing and marketing of Argentine wines, founded the current winery in 1898. Their oldest vineyard, Las Compuertas, was planted in 1929 and is located at the height of 1070 meters. In 1960, Moet & Chandon established their first company outside of France in Mendoza, making it the first French winery investment in South America. Terrazas de Los Ande is the result of more than thirty years of winemaking experience, and it was founded in 1996. The first two wines, Malbec Reserva and Gran Malbe were introduced in 1999. 

The vineyards are situated in the midst of Mendoza's Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valley, surrounded by the lofty peaks of the Andes. The environment at a high altitude, with its little rainfall, stony soil, and absence of organic matter in the ground, makes it difficult for vines to obtain water and nutrients. These grapes thus have bright, potent tastes, which are reflected in their fine wines later. High altitude results in warm, bright days that allow grapes to grow and chilly nights that delay their maturation. It also controls the acidity of the fruit. Each type of grape is grown on terraced vineyards and is connected to a certain height. The truest expression of each wine is created using this procedure.

The numerous strategies this vineyard has chosen can be used to determine its dedication to environmental conservation. 90% of their vines are drip-irrigated to reduce water usage. Also, all wastewater produced is recycled for agricultural use. Due to their perseverance, they were the first winery in South America to adopt a mechanised weed detector, which has allowed them to reduce the usage of pesticides by up to 80%. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this vineyard received ISO 14001 accreditation for maintaining environmental integrity.

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