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Terre Bianche

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Tommaso Rondelli established the very first Rossese vine in Terre Bianche in 1870 on an incredibly distinctive patch of white soil along the Ligurian Riviera. Additional vineyards and olive trees were added to the estate over time, which caused it to grow. Between 1985 and 1998, under the direction of Claudio, Paolo Rondelli, and Franco Laconi, Paolo's brother-in-law, their family business expanded and prospered. The already well-regarded wine's production volume expanded and attained excellent quality. By the end of the 1990s, Filippo succeeded his father, Claudio as company manager, working alongside Paolo and Franco to raise the bar for wine quality. The family is currently making a lot of effort to uphold the standards set over the decades and improve their services.

Their vineyards exhibit a range of soil types and microclimates, providing the ideal basis for the creation of pigato, rossese di Dolceacqua, and vermentino, three distinctive yet recognisable Ligurian wines. Each vineyard has its own different geological, topographical, and historical features. Two Camporosso families, the Macariu and the Alemanno farmed the land known as "Terra Blanca." The Rondelli family actually descended from Reondello, who bought the land later. It is a truly unique vineyard that is located between 360 and 380 meters above sea level at a slope of thirty percent. The terrain on which the vineyard is situated is known as Blue Clay's terrain.

Their excellent, rich wine is a result of their in-depth knowledge of their vineyards, grapes, and suitable wine-making methods. The vineyard offers a selection of red and white wines that are produced using traditional techniques to maintain flavour and quality. The grapes are selected by hand. The following step involves gently pressing grapes that were gathered at an advanced stage of maturity to obtain the juice. The wine is then created using particular yeasts at a specified temperature to give it richness. The final phase is about the durability of the liquid residue left in a container. Guyot trimming is typically used to produce white wine, whereas Alberello and spurred cordon trimming are typically used to produce red wine.

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