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The Mascot

About The Mascot

The story and history of The Mascot began in 1984 with its establishment in the renowned Napa Valley by Will Harlan, hailing from the reputed Harlan family. The winery lies on the western hills or slopes of Oakville town and gets considered the “first growth of California.” The founder, Will, had gotten raised in the famous wine region, surrounded by several excellent wineries and vineyards. It allowed him to gain the skills and knowledge to establish his distinct winery.

The venture for The Mascot got supported over the years by other wine start-ups set up by Will’s father, Bill Harlan. It entailed BOND, the Harlan Estate, and Promontory. Bill gained immense experience and skills while working at BOND’s cellar, allowing him to understand the inner and intricate workings. Additionally, BOND possessed several grand cru vineyards that produced Cabernet Sauvignon wines that could express the natural qualities of Napa Valley’s terroirs and geographical sites. It enabled Will to understand the essentiality of the land’s standards when developing outstanding wines.

In its initial stages, The Mascot received several young grapevines from BOND, the Harlan Estate, and Promontory. It allowed the project to progress forward and reach the fame and glory it enjoys today. Besides the existing facilities, Will incorporated multiple facets and aspects of innovation and modern touch into his winery. On top of that, his continued interest and passion for wine allowed him to pursue even greater heights, producing world-class wines that could touch the hearts of numerous people all across the globe.

Today, The Mascot remains a family-owned winery, producing superior wines. It focuses on quality over quantity. Thus, the winery limits its production to ensure the standard of its products. Additionally, The Mascot prefers long maturation to allow the drinks to develop their unique and distinct flavour and characteristics.

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