The Prisoner Wine Co.

The Prisoner Wine Co.

About The Prisoner Wine Co.

The Prisoner Wine Co. is a prominent winery in The United States of America. It got established in 2000 by Dave Phinney, the founder of Orin Swift. The name of the brand and the wine, The Prisoner, came as an inspiration from the classic 19th-century sketch of Le Petit Prisonier. It was a notable piece of art by Francisco Goya, one of the most distinguished Spanish artists. 

The sketch is a part of one of Francisco’s series named “The Disaster of Wars.” It serves as a visual dissent and protests against the brutality and injustice that showed their face during the Spanish War of Independence of 1808. 

Dave Phinney started his career in the wine industry in 1997 as an intern at Robert Mondavi Winery. He worked multiple hours a day in the harvest department, gradually gaining hands-on experience and technical skills. In the same year, Mondavi encouraged Dave to make his unique wine barrel. It allowed him to create his first vintage in 1998 under the label of Orin Swift. 

However, Dave was not satisfied with the quality of the wine he made. It compelled him to go to the bulk market and sell the vintage. Nonetheless, neither Dave nor Mondavi could have guessed that the former’s remarkable success would come out in the form of The Prisoner Wine Co.

Since its establishment, The Prisoner Wine Co. has aimed to fight against all causes and effects of mass incarceration and racism. It opposes and objects to the systematic oppression the Black communities have faced for numerous decades. 

Today, the winery remains committed to embracing diversity among all living beings and educated itself to create and develop an inclusive environment. It puts this philosophy into stone to ensure that all its business partners and employees feel valued, safe, and respected. 

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