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The story and origin of Thomson & Scott remain closely knit with its founder and CEO, Amanda Thomson. The venture for the winery began when Amanda retired from her career and job as an arts journalist and moved on to achieve a diploma in the field of winemaking at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She gathered the necessary knowledge and skills before setting up Thomson & Scott in 2013. The first half of the winery’s name comes from Amanda’s surname, while the other half remains a mystery.

Amanda established Thomson & Scott with the sole objective and aim of developing and producing low or no-alcohol, vegan-friendly, and organic wines. She strived to create drinks with exceedingly low in calories and sugar, opening up the option of drinking these beverages to a broad range and category of people. In other words, even diabetic and health-conscious people could drink these wines. 

Thus, Thomson & Scott managed to usher the world into the category of alcohol-free wines. Additionally, Amanda has been working extensively to allow for a higher level and extent of transparency in the production, labelling, and manufacture of wines. She strives to let the drinkers know what remains in the bottle before tasting them.

Today, Thomson & Scott prides itself in the top-quality wines it produces. The winery implements sustainable and organic practices in its vineyards. It ensures minimal interference in the production and harvesting processes. It helps retain and preserve the natural characteristics of the land and nature. On top of that, Thomson & Scott produces vegan-friendly bottles by preventing the use of animal parts and by-products. Also, it does not add any unnecessary sugar during the production process. It reduces the sugar level of the wines. Nevertheless, it does not affect the flavour of the drinks in any manner.

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