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Three Sticks

About Three Sticks

Three Sticks is a family-owned boutique and winery established by Bill Price (William S. Price III). Set up in 2002, the winery gets its name from the surfing nickname Bill used, “Billy Three Sticks.” He got called like that when he was at a young age. It was because of the Roman numerals denoting the number three that followed his name.

Bill had always been a long-time and avid collector and fan of wines that came from the Durell Vineyard. For that reason, he purchased the land and property in 1998 from Ed Durell. He used the place to launch his distinct winery, Three Sticks. In 2004, renowned winemaker Don Van Staaveren joined and became a part of the team. He was known as one of the most notable personalities. It was because he managed to put up Sonoma wines and Chateau St. Jean into the limelight. He did so all along with the 1990s. Don’s presence allowed the winery to develop and produce the highest-quality wines that could leave all drinkers enthralled. Additionally, the team and staff at Three Sticks have worked extensively with the Sonoma League for Historic Preservation and several Sonoma historians. They have strived together to protect and restore the structure and glory of the property. 

Three Sticks follows a down-to-earth and simplistic approach to vine growing and winemaking. They believe in the power and capability of wine to bring people closer together. 

The winery remains located in an industrial area, somewhere in downtown Sonoma. It ensures the utmost care of each grape, operating with minimal handling and human intervention along the way. On top of that, Three Sticks employs various practices, techniques, and methods to minimise the damage caused to the environment and the surroundings. They implement several means of sustainable agriculture to ensure it.

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