About Thymiopoulos

Located in the village of Trilofos, on the foothills of Vermio Mountain, Thymiopoulos is a winery founded by the Thymiopoulos family. The household has been in the field of grape-growing and agriculture in the location for generations. However, Apostolos Thymiopoulos was the first to produce wines using the family’s vineyards. 

In 2005, Apostolos Thymiopoulos vinified his first wine. It was known as “Earth and Sky.” Since then, the Thymiopoulos winery’s pursuit of world-class wines began. Positioned in a place of perfect accord with nature and its offerings, the family’s estates and vineyards aided the endeavour and journey. 

Apostolos Thymiopoulos is a stern believer in the method and benefits of sustainable cultivation and viticulture. As such, he insists on maintaining and initiating minimal contact and intervention during the entire process of winemaking. Applying his philosophy, he produces ten distinct and different expressions of the famed Northern Greece variety, xinomavro. He aims to reveal every single aspect of its potential and allow wines to reflect their source. 

The workers at Thymiopoulos winery believe that the vineyard serves as the link between nature and the winemaker. Thus, they understand the requirement and need for knowledge on the different phases of a grapevine. They carefully assess the impacts that several factors can have on the vines. They do so using organic farming and biodynamic practices. 

The workers and wine producers wish to attain and maintain a balance in the systems and process. Their goal is to help the vineyards discover their unique symmetry. They aim to preserve biodiversity and stimulate the growth of wild flora and overground fauna. All these help create an autonomous and mutually beneficial ecosystem. They reinforce the quality and nutritional value of the soil that eventually proves advantageous to the health of the grapevines and the taste of the wines.

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