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About Tinpot Hut

Located in the emerging sub-region of Blind River in the Awatere Valley of New Zealand’s rich Marlborough region, the Tinpot Hut Wine Brand is one of the well-respected names in the continent. It was in 2003 that wine enthusiast Fiona Turner, along with her husband, Hamish started this company to take her winemaking passion to the next level and to bring international flavours of wines to New Zealand.

The Home Block Vineyard along the Blind River is where Tinpot Hut gets its wines from. This locality is known for its sunny and dry climate, which plays a vital role in bringing out the mineral complexity in the Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir grape varietals grown here. Turner and her husband have particularly selected the Home Block vineyard for their wines because of the soil quality and the grape-growing culture of this place.

Some of the popular wines of Tinpot Hut Wines are the following:

  • Sauvignon Blanc - Trademark blackcurrant, thyme and lemongrass flavours with a unique mineral palate
  • Pinot Gris - Dry wine with subtle yet powerful fresh pear, white peach and spice notes
  • Gruner Veltliner - Full-mouth flavours of white stone fruit, citrus fruits and several floral notes
  • Riesling - Low-alcohol white wine  with balanced flavours of mineral and lime
  • Chardonnay - With its bright hazelnut and stone fruit flavours, this wine’s strong floral notes cannot be missed
  • Rose - Crisp wine with different flavours of strawberry, stone fruit and other spices
  • Pinot Noir - Wines that are symbolic of the character, flavour and intensity of the grapes used for making them; come with balanced acidity and soft yet silky tannins
  • Hawkes Bay Syrah - Made from Syrah grapes that are grown in the cool climates of Hawkes Bay and comes with rich fruity, floral and spice notes

All of these wines have been appreciated by wine connoisseurs and critics all over the world, which speaks volumes about their quality, balance and finish.

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