About Tokara

Tokara is a major player in the south African scene and is owned by GT Ferreira. He founded a financial company, RCI which then merged with rand merchant back in 1985. GT Ferreira got a property in Simons Berg Mountain in 1992, where Gyles Webb, his neighbour, advised him to plant some vines on his property. This is where Tokara was bone. In 1998, the first vines were planted on the property, and the first wines were introduced in 2001 under the Zondernaam label. This went on until the best quality was achieved to produce Tokara wines. The first Tokara wine was made in 2005. 

Tokara is a family-owned vineyard. The name Tokara is derived from Thomas and kara, the founder's children's names. The first vines in Tokara were planted in the mid-nineties. At this time, the founder had the ambition to make the best wines for the world. 

In Tokara, South Africa, the main focus is two grape varieties that are the greatest in the world: sauvignon Blanc and cabernet sauvignon. These grapes are reflected in the 3 ranges made in Tokara. These are the Tokara directors reserve, which is made from some of the most expressive and best blends defining the flagship wines; the Tokara reserve collections, which are picked from one vineyard, and the Tokara premium collection, which is a fusion of different sites. 

The home property lies on 60 hectares of land. However, Tokara also has some smaller vineyards in walker bay and Elgin. The winemaker is Miles Mossop who has been active since the company's inception. With time, zondernaam was discontinued, and all wines remained Tokara after consultations. A separate reserve level was created. 

Tokara is at the Helshoogte pass crest and is only a few kilometres from Stellenbosch. There is an award-winning architecture and the estate and some of the best vistas of the Idas valley, Table Mountain, false bay, and Simons Berg mountains. The winery has uncomplicated designs comprising simple and natural materials, and the metering and production facilities reflect the character of the wine, which is innovative. 

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