About Trastullo

The story and history began in 1612 with the venture of Jacques Callot. Jacques was a master printmaker who moved to the city of Florence in Italy. He shifted there to work for and seek employment under the notoriously famous Medici family. Jacques developed and produced a series and collection of designs and drawings. They documented the variety of the lives and activities of the people he saw in the city. Trastullo followed and continued in his footsteps almost 400 years later. For that reason, they too could discover the elements and aspects that made Italy so unique and special. 

The winery’s name “Trastullo” comes from a character who got starred and presented in Commedia dell ‘Arte. It was a famous form and version of professional theatre in the early times. The culture originated in none other than Italy sometime in the 16th century. Furthermore, the term or word “Trastullo” means or implies something that can provide or give a significant level or extent of enjoyment. The meaning or indication comes up in an archaic dialect of Italy. That is why the winery considered it the best name or description to go with the wines they produced. Hence, the label and brand of Trastullo originated. 

The wines developed and produced by Trastullo are of the highest quality. For instance, the Trastullo Primitivo is one of the most known drinks manufactured by the company. The wine has a deep red and attractive colour that has the capability and ability to catch the attention of all individuals. In addition to that, the drink has a varietal and fresh aroma of cherry or blackberry. The fragrance develops and gets more complex as time progresses. Also, the palate of Trastullo Primitivo remains well-balanced, bringing out a perfect combination of gentle acidity and soft tannins.

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