About Triennes

Triennes was established in 1989 when wine enthusiasts and Burgundians Aubert de Villaine and Jacques Seysses, the founder of Domaine Dujac, came together to realise their shared dream. Michel Macaux, their Parisian friend, also joined them in their endeavour. The three went together to search and look for new vineyards where they could set up their distinct winery. Their attention shifted to southern France. They got convinced that the region was exceedingly suitable for making excellent wines.

The three noticed and discovered the mountainous terrain and area of the Var region. They utilised the grapevines cultivated in the place for almost a thousand years. They named their winery ‘Triennes,’ referring to ancient history. The wine estate derives its name from ‘Triennia,’ an event and festival organised during the Roman era to honour the god Bacchus.

Since its establishment, Triennes believed that the quality and superiority of wines come from their terroirs and vineyards. For that reason, the winery and its new owners invested significantly in renewing the planted grapevines and tending to them. Even now, Triennes follows this philosophy, keeping its parcels as its top priority. On top of that, the winery considers the finesse and freshness of its harvested grapes to represent the high standard of its produced wines. Thus, the staff and workers pay special attention to the fields to ensure the highest quality.

The vineyards owned by Triennes experience and enjoy the cool microclimate of the region. It allows the grapevines grown in the terroirs and parcels to grow healthy and strong. In addition, they acquire the capability and ability to yield sweet and juicy grapes. It gets reflected in the wines produced and sold by Triennes. They deliver a perfect acidity and tannin balance. On top of that, the drinks offer excellent elegance, personality, and complexity.

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