About Trimbach

Are you looking for some high-quality French wines, especially those specific to Alsace? If yes, Trimbach is the label you have to try. Established in 1626, the founders of this label have been striving hard to make Alsace wines popular all over the world. Over four centuries, the Trimbach family is working on the vineyards to make the wines as dry, elegant and well-balanced wines with just the right amount of acidity.

Currently run by the 12th generation of Trimbach family members, this label is the best when it comes to producing authentic Alsace wines. The Trimbach Estate is located in the heart of Ribeauville, on the classic “Wine Route.” Numerous rivers, mountains and vineyards can be found on this route. Therefore, there are diverse types of soil qualities, climatic conditions, temperature and other terroirs on this route. This is why the grapes grown here are full of character and flavour. The Riesling is the most common varietal grown in the Trimbach estate.

The Trimbach vineyards are located across 40 hectares found in six famous villages. The winemaking techniques followed here are not only organic & biodynamic but also innovative. The Trimbach family not only uses its own grapes grown here for making wines, but they also buy grapes from other vine-growers who work on this estate.

Some of the natural viticultural practices followed at this estate are:

  • Hand-harvesting of the grapes Making use of gravity to process the juice in the cellar
  • Use of wooden and stainless steel casks to bring a perfect blend of tradition and modernity in the cellars
  • Bottling done during the spring season to retain the freshness of the fruits

Currently, more than 85% of the wines produced in this estate are exported to various countries across the globe. Connoisseurs of dry wine have a special place for Trimbach wines in their hearts, thanks to the authenticity of these wines

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