Tsantali Klima Klima

Tsantali Klima Klima

About Tsantali Klima Klima

The tale and origin of Tsantali Klima Klima remain intricately linked with the Tsantali family, one of the oldest winemaking and producing families in Greece. The family’s legacy and tradition of vine-growing and wine development began in 1890 through planting and cultivating vineyards. Furthermore, the Tsantali family produced wines and distilled tsipouro and ouzo.

The foundation for Tsantali Klima Klima’s establishment got initiated by Evangelos Tsantali. He inspired the winery’s set-up and defined the brand’s philosophy. His superior and precise instinct and insight allowed for the erection and building of the requisite infrastructures. On top of that, Evangelos possessed the knowledge and understanding to set up and manage his distinct winery. It led to Tsantali Klima Klima’s establishment under his guidance and supervision. Evangelos’ contribution to the wine industry allowed the Tsantali family to garner immense fame and attention. It enabled the family to become reputed globally for its precious culture and heritage. Today, the Tsantali family owns several wineries across various regions. For instance, it possesses proprietorship in Agios Pavlos, Rapsani, Naoussa, Maronia, and Metochi.

Tsantali Klima Klima considers the quality and superiority of its vineyards and parcels the highest priority. It has been the case within the wine estate for over 125 years, beginning from Evangelos’ time. On top of that, the winery has remained committed to producing excellent wines and growing and harvesting the best grapes. For that reason, Tsantali Klima Klima operates on the vision and goals of innovation, responsibility, and quality. The winery focuses on achieving and maintaining its standards.

Tsantali Klima Klima works with conviction to preserve the elusive characteristics of its vineyards. Additionally, the winery aims to deliver the terroirs’ natural attributes and characteristics through its wines. Such an approach enables the wine estate’s products to offer outstanding flavour, colour, taste, and aroma.

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