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Two Paddocks

About Two Paddocks

Well-known actor, Sam Neil, owns the Two Paddocks vineyard. Located in Central Otago in New Zealand, this vineyard was established in 1993. The actor and his family planted Pinot Noir on a small plot of 5 acres on the Gibbston Vineyard. From a small beginning, this family-owned vineyard started expanding its vineyards. In the subsequent years, Two Paddocks added three more vineyards to its kitty. These vineyards are located in some of the highly scenic and terroir-rich locations of Alexandra and Bannockburn districts in Central Otago.

In 1998, Two Paddocks acquired the Last Chance Vineyard, which covers an area of 7 acres. Located in the terrace farm right above the Earnscleugh Valley, this vineyard was planted with Burgundy-style Pinots to produce the highly popular single-vineyard wine of Last Chance.

Two years later, Two Paddocks acquired a big vineyard, the 130-acre big Red Bank. Today, this serves as the main vineyard of the group, and it is here that the offices and other administration work take place. Burgundian Pinot Clones and other pinots dominate this vineyard. The flagship wine of Two Paddocks, “Two Paddocks Pinot Noir” is made from the high-quality, premium and intense grapes grown here.

Two Paddocks acquired its fourth and final vineyard, a small plot in Bannockburn. Covering an area of 6 hectares, this vineyard is located in the beautiful location of Felton Road.  With the Mount Difficulty in the background and several other premium vineyards in the vicinity, this one is planted fully with Pinot vines.

Currently, Two Paddocks owns the distinction of being the only winery in Central Otago to have a presence in all three basins of the valley – Gibbston, Alexandra Basin and Cromwell Basin. This brand is known to produce one of the best quality Pinot Noir wines in Central Otago, according to wine critics and connoisseurs.

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