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Tyrrell's Wines

About Tyrrell's Wines

The Australian wine label of Tyrrell’s has a rich history that dates back to 1858. During this year, Edward Tyrrell, who had shifted to Australia from England, took control of 320 acres of land in the Hunter Valley region. The iron slab hut that he constructed on this land still stands today to transport you back into those days. He started planting Shiraz and Semillon vines in this region, and there was no turning back for his company after that. 

In 1959, the new generation family members, who were at the helm of affairs at Tyrrell’s, created a new system of winemaking known as the Private Bin System. Here, the fruits from the richest vineyards were matured separately according to the plots they were selected from. They were matured oak barrels or vats. These wines were named based on the vats in which they were matured.

Located at the base of the Brokenback Mountain Range in the Hunter Valley, Tyrrell’s uses some of the best vineyard plots in this region to make elegant wines. Here is a brief about the vineyards that Tyrrell’s uses to grow its grapes.

  • 4 Acres Vineyard – 105-hectare; Shiraz and Pinot Noir
  • 8 Acres Vineyard – 15-hectare; Pinot Noir and Shiraz
  • Belford Vineyard – 5.5-hectare; Chardonnay and Semillon
  • Black Ridge Vineyard – 5.7-hectare; Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Heathcote Vineyards – 26-hectare; Shiraz and Malbec
  • HVD Vineyard – 5.5-hectare; Semillon and Chardonnay
  • Johnnos Vineyard – 2.8-hectare; Semillon and Shiraz
  • Mothers Vineyard – 1.4-hectare; Shiraz
  • NVC Vineyard – 1.7-hectare; Shiraz
  • Old Hillside Vineyard – 3.3-hectare; Shiraz
  • Old Hut Vineyard – 1.5-hectare; Shiraz
  • Old Patch Vineyard – 3.3-hectare; Shiraz
  • Pokolbin Vineyard – 4.7-hectare; Semillon and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Short Flat Vineyard – 0.9-hectare; Shiraz, Semillon and Chardonnay
  • Stevens Glen Oak Vineyard – 16.4-hectare; Semillon and Shiraz
  • Weinkeller Vineyard –4.6-hectare; Shiraz

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