Umani Ronchi

Umani Ronchi

About Umani Ronchi

Italian wines are highly elegant, and they represent the true character of the rich terroirs where they are produced. Umani Ronchi is no exception to this rule. The Bianchi-Bernetti family, the owner of the Umani Ronchi wine label, has been passionate about winemaking ever since 1957. They laid the foundation for this label in Cupramontana, located right in the heart of the Verdicchio Classico region. The management and winemaking team at Umani Ronchi strive hard to create wines representing the richness of the Verdicchio and Montepulciano grape varietals.

Umani Ronchi has three wine-growing regions. They are Verdicchio Hills, Conero and Abruzzo. Here is a brief overview of these territories:

Verdicchio Hills – Located towards the north of Marche, this territory is close to the Adriatic Coast and the Apennines Slopes. Some of the classic and most premium white grapes grow in the Torre, Le Busche, San Sebastiano, Villa Bianchi, Monteschiavo, Follonica and San Lorenzo vineyards. 96% of the vineyards are dedicated to growing Verdicchio, while Chardonnay grows on 2% and Sauvignon Blanc on the remaining 2%.

Conero – With a beautiful view of the Adriatic Coast, the slopes on Conero territory are blessed with excellent climatic conditions that suit the growth of the thick, red-skinned grape varietal, Montepulciano. 85% of the vineyard is dedicated to growing this varietal, while Cabernet Sauvignon grows on 5%, Merlot 5% and Sangiovese on the remaining 5%.

Abruzzo – Located at about 100km from Abruzzo,  this territory experiences a lot of sunshine, making the fruits that grow here elegant and full-bodied. Montepulciano grows on 80% of the vineyards here, while Pecorino grows on 10% and Trebbiano on the remaining 10%. The vineyards in this region use the pergola system, which is considered the world's oldest vine training system. Most other premium wine-producing regions cannot match the consistency in the quality of fruits produced here.

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