About Urlar

Located in the Gladstone region’s Wairarapa Valley of New Zealand, Urlar is a family-owned wine estate known for its premium quality of wines produced using biodynamic winemaking methods. The current owner and creative producer of Urlar Wines, Yoichiro Nishi belongs to the Japanese coast of Fukiage-Hama. The climatic conditions at the Wairarapa Valley, influenced by the Rimutaka mountain range, are similar to this coast from Japan. This was one of the main reasons why Nishi was interested in buying this company.

Urlar was established in 2004 by Angus and Davina Thomson. This company was recently in the news last year, when its ownership changed from the Thomsons to the Japanese company, Nishi Sake Brewing. The owner of this company was Yoichiro Nishi, who was passionate about the flavour and intensity found in the Pinot Noir grown in the Wairarapa Valley. That was how the company exchanged hands. Nishi wanted to include this authentic New Zealand wine in his portfolio of Japanese wines, to spread its charm to the entire world.

The vineyard, located at Dakins Road in Gladstone, is spread across 31 hectares, and it has been certified as 100% organic. The vines planted here are well protected by pests naturally, thanks to the flowering plants that are grown here. These plants get rid of the pests that come to damage the vines; therefore, the use of harsh fertilisers is completely avoided. Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Riesling are the varietals that are commonly used for the wines created under this label.

Some of the popular wines created under the Urlar label are:

  • Select Parcels Pinot Noir – Made from 100% Pinot Noir grown on selected parcels in Gladstone
  • The Mediator Pinot Noir – Made from aromatic Pinot Noir
  • Noble Riesling – Made from intense and concentrated white Riesling grapes

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