About Valdespino

The history and story of Valdespino go back to 1264 A.D. At that time, Don Alfonso Valdespino became the first person from the Valdespino family to grow, vinify, and age Sherry wines. Don Alfonso was a member of the 24 Christian Knights under King Alonso. They were notable for their fight to re-conquer the City of Jerez from the control of the Moors. The venture for Valdespino began when Don Alfonso and the other Knights received land in the City of Jerez as a reward for their victory. 

1430 marks the time of the establishment and various commercial activities of the winery. However, the company got registered much later, in 1875. In 1833, the Valdespino house and family received the exclusive rights to supply Sherry wines to the Royal House ruling Spain. In 1932, the winery acquired a similar privilege for the Swedish Royal House. 

In the initial stages, the Valdespino family thought of registering their trademark. They wanted to do so with the Sacristia of 1910 in mind. The Sacristia refers to a bodega, an area of the ageing cellars, where the highest-quality and standard casks get kept. These barrels contain Sherry wines. In recent times, other bodegas can also use the term. However, it is solely Valdespino that retain the right of the word. 

Valdespino is also renowned for the production and manufacture of Fino Inocente. It is a Sherry wine whose grapes get harvested and come from a single vineyard named Macharnudo Estate.

The soil of the vineyards owned by Valdespino can get characterised by their white sand. It also goes by the name of albariza. It is an organic type of soil having a high quantity or amount of silica, clay, and calcil carbonate. On top of that, mud and sand are present in small proportions.

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