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Valli Vineyards

About Valli Vineyards

The story of Valli Vineyards begins in 1998 with its owner and founder, Grant Taylor, an Otago winemaker. Grant named the winery after Giuseppe Valli, his great-great-grandfather. 

Giuseppe came from a background of Italian winemaking. However, he had immigrated and shifted to New Zealand. The idea and intention behind Valli Vineyards were to create authentic representations of the sub-regions of the Otago region. He also wished to highlight and showcase the differences between the various areas of the region. Grant planned to do so with unflinching purity and intensity. 

Grant decided to establish Valli Vineyards after eighteen years of gaining experience in the winemaking industry business and industry in the United States of America, New Zealand, France, and Australia. Before his venture for the winery, he acquired adequate and essential hands-on skills and practice. In 1980, Grant became involved in establishing Pine Ridge Winery in the city of Napa. He remained invested in winemaking there till 1986. In 1987, Grant helped establish and set up another winery in Napa, named Domaine Napa. He worked as the head winemaker there till 1993. 

Grant got lured back to his homeland in 1993 with the promise of Otago wines he saw. He foresaw rich soil, plentiful harvests, clean air, and an increased potential for winemaking. Initially, he started working as a winemaker for and at Gibbston Valley Wines. At that time, the entire region of Otago had merely 20 hectares of land dedicated to vine-growing. In recent times, over 2000 hectares get assigned for the purpose. He left in 2006 to focus on Valli Vineyards. 

The vineyards owned by Valli Vineyards enjoy the blessings of the beneficial microclimate of the region. The elements contribute to the growth of high-quality grapevines and grapes. In turn, it allows for the production of superior standard wines.

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