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Legendary figure Jan Van Hunks was known for not following the norm. He had a strong character and a vivid imagination. Exploring was one of his hobbies and also led to him developing a taste for beautiful sceneries. He found the vineyards on one such trip and would often munch on the grapes enjoying their citric flavour. Van Hunks Wines were produced in Stellenbosch first, a wealthy region of South Africa. Initially, the Van Hunks voyage began in 2020 with only an avant-garde and contemporary Sparkling Mead that was offered in two delicate flavours. Recently a new wine was added to the Van Hunk family called Méthode Cap Classique in 2021. 

An area in the Western Cape known as Stellenbosch is recognised for its productive wine-producing soil. Various types of grapes are planted there, but Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are the most significant. The hybrid grape known as Pinotage, which was initially produced in this region in 1924 by fusing Pinot Noir and Cinsault, also has its origins here. Granite and sandstone make up the majority of Stellenbosch's soils. These soils have excellent drainage, yet there is just about enough clay present to keep the soil moist enough to support crop growth. Elevation and closeness to the Atlantic Ocean are other essential elements of this unique terroir. White wines can maintain their freshness due to the cooling effect of the Atlantic. 

The Stellenbosch winemakers' key priority is striking the ideal balance between agricultural output and environmental preservation. They chose to work with the farm in part because of their emphasis on lowering their carbon footprint. Some of these considerations include not using pesticides or other chemicals when growing the vines, emphasising water conservation through the use of catchments for rainfall, along with many other things. In addition, they are moving away from conventional farming techniques and towards more sophisticated, sustainable ones. Another of their initiatives includes locally hand-harvested grapes, which is less costly than using machines to harvest. Consequently, this presents a significant potential for winery and vineyard owners to both save money and be more environmentally responsible.

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