About Vassaltis

Vassaltis is a part of Santorini's winemaking history. The owner of Vassaltis is Yannis Valambous, and he has a great passion for wine which brought him back to Santorini Island. where he had spent a holiday with his family as a child. In the Greek financial crisis of 2010, Yannis got a new idea and decided to put some new life into the vineyards his father had left him. 

By observing the vines, Yannis could see a chance to come up with something unique and exceptional with what his father had left behind. His main wish was to make a total transformation of the vineyards by embracing modern techniques. He also wanted to come up with a winery that was state-of-the-art to create some of the most exquisite wines possible. It was with these wines that he could showcase the quality of Santorini grapes. While it took some years to complete the construction, after finishing the winery in April 2016, Yannis got ready to start the new venture. 

Yannis worked closely with two oenologists, namely Yannis Papaeconomou and Elias Roussakis. It was after this that an exciting phase started, and winemaking started. The 3 men shared a vision, and they aimed to prove that the area could produce some of the best wines that could take over the world. Using their winemaking artistry and skills, the three brought the wines manufactured to the international audience. 

Vassaltis was a project that was Yannis Valambous's passion. In 2012, the economist left a career in the UK to revive the vineyards. Bassalities can be defined as his life's work, and he is dedicated to all the winery aspects. He handles all aspects of promoting and marketing wines. He also handles the tasting room operations. 

Yannis Papaeconomou and Elias Roussakis are indispensable and are talented as oenologists. They have impacted, to a great extent, the operations of Vassaltis. They have vast knowledge and experience in winemaking and brought experience to the winery. At Vassaltis, the guiding principle combined operational needs and traditional winemaking with modern technology to produce exceptional wines.

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