About Vavasour

Vavasour Winery, nestled in the picturesque Awatere Valley of New Zealand, is a quintessential destination for wine lovers seeking an extraordinary experience. Established in 1986 by the Vavasour family, the winery has become renowned for crafting exceptional wines that embody the unique terroir of the region.

At Vavasour, the emphasis is placed on producing premium Sauvignon Blanc, a varietal that New Zealand has become famous for. The vineyards at Awatere Valley benefit from cool climates and outstanding soils, resulting in grapes with distinct aromatic profiles and vibrant acidity. The passionate winemakers at Vavasour strive to capture these qualities in every bottle, ensuring a true representation of the Awatere Valley's terroir.

Visitors to Vavasour Winery are treated to a warm welcome and an immersive experience. The winery’s picturesque cellar door offers panoramic views of the surrounding vineyards and mountains, providing the perfect backdrop to enjoy their exquisite wines. Guests can take part in vineyard tours, guided tastings, and even participate in blending sessions to gain insight into the winemaking process.

The cellar door staff at Vavasour are extremely knowledgeable and always eager to share their expertise. They offer valuable insights into the unique characteristics of the Awatere Valley, its distinct microclimate, and the winemaking techniques that make Vavasour wines stand out from the crowd.

Vavasour Winery is dedicated to sustainability and operates with minimal impact on the environment. They prioritize vineyard management practices that enhance biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation. Visitors can learn about their commitment to sustainability through informative exhibits and displays at the cellar door.

With its delightful location, stunning scenery, and exceptional wines, Vavasour Winery is an idyllic destination for wine lovers and enthusiasts in search of a truly memorable experience. Whether it's a leisurely afternoon tasting session, an immersive vineyard tour, or simply soaking in the beauty of the Awatere Valley, Vavasour Winery is guaranteed to deliver an authentic and unforgettable experience for all.

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