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Veglio Angelo

About Veglio Angelo

Veglio Angelo, also known as Veglio La Morra is a rich and traditional wine brand from Italy. The idea of this brand was first conceived in 1886. A major highlight of this brand is that it is the collaboration of some of the prestigious grape varietals of Italy – Dolcetti, Barbera, Fresia and Barolo. In 1886, Francesco acquired a wine farm in the Piedmontese town not only to satisfy his winemaking passion but also to make his family independent.

The estate can be seen on a beautiful farmhouse, which belonged to the Garcia family earlier. After many years, his sons took over the management of the affairs, and by 1906, this brand released its wine bottle. Today Francesco’s grandchildren take care of the running of the estate. The vineyards are located in a place called Langhe, where, not only the planting of vines but also the viticultural practices are ancient.

Located towards the southern part of the Piedmont town, the Langhe area is home to many hectares of vineyards and meadows. Many producers, include La Morra, source their grapes from this region. To date, the viticultural practices are still the ones that used to be followed hundreds of years ago. The soils go through a natural oxygenation and regeneration process to promote the growth of beneficial insects, and improve the overall quality of the grapes grown here.

The grape varietals used for these wines are Nebbiolo, Freisa, Chardonnay, Barbera and Dolcetto. The Nebbiolo and Chardonnay grapes are cultivated on clayey, limestone soils, whereas the Freisa and Barbera varietals are grown on the clayey and calcareous soils. The Dolcetto vines can be seen on the clayey and calcareous soils. Oak barrels and stainless steel barrels are used for ageing the grapes, based on their character and aromas. The alcohol content of these wines is anywhere between 12 and 14%.

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