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Vie di Romans

About Vie di Romans

The Gallo family, with an experience of over a century in winemaking, has been taking care of the Italian wine brand of Vie di Romans for the last two decades. Since 1978, the Vie di Romans has grown phenomenally, thanks to expert yet traditional viticultural techniques being introduced in the vineyards of the estate. The unique climatic conditions and pattern of soil formation help in crafting delicate yet intense and delicious wines here.

It was during 1982 that the Gallo family decided to redevelop the vineyards and make the best use of the different climatic conditions and soil qualities in each of these areas.  High-density vine planting, maintaining low yields, making use of the microclimate to make the grapes full-bodied and sustainable winemaking techniques help to produce wines that are symbolic of character, complexity and uniqueness.

The cold, continental winds that blow from the Bora region and the warm winds that blow from the Mediterranean region play a big role in ensuring that wine production is an on-going activity at the Vie di Romans vineyards, all through the year. These winds also help in the slow ripening process of the grapes, thanks to which the fruits cultivated here are full of natural flavour and uniqueness.

Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Malvasia Istriana, Tocai Friulano and Rhein Riesling are the some of the grape varietals used for crafting Vie di Romans wines. These fruits are sourced from vineyards such as Ciampagnis Vieris, Dessimis, Piere, Vierus, Boghis, Vie di Romans, Dolee, Dis Cumieris and Vignai. Each of these grape varietals undergoes exclusive de-stemming and crushing processes.  Extreme care is taken by the viticulture team here to ensure that the flavours of the fruits are retained fully, during this process. A series of pre and post fermentation processes then follow to craft high-quality, authentic and delicious wines.

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