Vigneti del Vulture

Vigneti del Vulture

About Vigneti del Vulture

The Italian wine group of Fantini Farnese is quite popular all over the world, thanks to its phenomenal growth in a short time. Though it had a very humble beginning when it started as a small winery, it has now grown to become one of the largest wine producers in the region. The group focuses on releasing different labels of wine based on the complex terroirs where the grapes are grown.

One of the wine labels from the Fantini Farnese Group is the Vigneti del Vulture. The fruits for these wines are grown in the area of Basilicata, which is dominated by rivers and valleys. Though it is one of the smallest wine regions of this group, it influences the flavour and texture of the grapes by a large extent. The climate is warm and dry with Mediterranean influences in it.

The territory is dominated by hills and mountains; the Matera and Vulture hills in the vicinity ensure that the vines are planted at an altitude of at least 500m. Due to this, the vines are prone to a good amount of exposure to the sun. Though the high-altitude vines are found in almost all the parts of Basilicata, they are predominantly situated in the Val d’Agri zone.  Here, the climate and topography are slightly different from all other areas in the zone as it is close to the sea.

The Vigneti del Vulture wine label includes the following:

Red Wines

  • Pipoli Zero Aglianico del Vulture DOC – Aglianico grapes grown in Acerenza
  • Pipoli Aglianico del Vulture DOC – 100% Aglianico del Vulture grown in Acerenza and Barile e Maschito
  • Piano del Cerro Aglianico del Vulture DOC – Aglianico grown in the Municipality of Acerenza
  • Tufarello Nero di Troia – Nero di Troia grown in Canosa di Puglia

White Wines

  • Sensuale Moscato Basilicata IGP – Moscato Bianco grapes grown in Venosa
  • Pipoli Greco Fiano Basilicata IGP – 60% Greco and 40% Fiano grown in Acerenza

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