About Vilafonte

Founded in 1996, Vilafonte is the first South African and American joint venture in winemaking. The winery got established from the partnership between three respected wine specialists and founding partners. They included Mike Ratcliffe from South Africa and Dr. Phil Freese and Zelma Long from the United States of America. 

Located in South Africa’s Simonsberg Paarl area or region, Vilafonte is renowned for producing merely two wines. They consist of the drinks under Series C and Series M. Both are red wines of the highest quality and standard. Nevertheless, due to their uncompromising determination and philosophy, the winery has the capability and ability to incorporate elegant complexity, longevity, and structure into its wines. 

The appellation “Vilafonte” comes from the name of the primary soil kind or type used in the estate’s vineyards that spread over 42 hectares. The soil remains recorded as one of the oldest types, dating back to around 750,000 years to 1.5 million years old. 

The characteristics and features of the soil are the principal components and elements responsible for setting the foundation or base of the Vilafonte wines. By evolving over the years, it has stripped itself of a significant portion of its innate capacity. This property of the topsoil encourages and facilitates the growth and development of smaller grapevines of high fruit production and lower yields. The other types utilized in Vilafonte comprise well-weathered and gravelly clay soil. 

The estate’s vineyards experience the beneficial effects of the refreshing maritime winds originating from the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. They create an optimal climate with cold and wet winters and dry and long summers. The area receives approximately 20 inches or 500 mm of rainfall. These conditions create an exceedingly favourable environment for the growth of the vines and the production of their high-quality wines.

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