Villa Bucci

Villa Bucci

About Villa Bucci

The history of Villa Bucci started and still lies with the Bucci family. The story began in the 18th century when the family got the ownership of an estate near the Montecarotto town in the Castelli di Jesi appellation. Nevertheless, the venture of the winery began with Ampelio Bucci in 1982 when he commenced the production of outstanding and superior-quality Verdicchio wines. The Bucci family began bottling their wines in 1983. Since then, the family and their wine estate, Villa Bucci, have become one of the most reputed in Italy.

The estate and property owned by Villa Bucci are exceedingly and exceptionally diversified. It remains spread over 300 hectares of land and comprises several plantations such as wheat, sunflowers, corn, sugar beet, etc. In addition to that, the plots are home to the centuries-old olive groves named Carbonella. The winery possesses six different and distinct vineyards. Among them, five remain devoted and dedicated to the plantation and harvest of Verdicchio solely. The remaining parcel gets used for grape varieties like Sangiovese and Montepulciano.

Villa Bucci plants their grapevines in clay and limestone soil. It ensures excellent and required water reserves for the vines. The clay holds back the water on the ground surface, compelling the roots to dig deep in search of accessible water. It, in turn, reduces irrigational needs and the possibility of scorching. On top of that, the vineyard workers utilise soil looseners that de-compact and aerate the soil. It encourages higher moisture intake and deep root penetration and growth, promoting and enhancing grape quality.

Villa Bucci has implemented an organic style and approach to viticulture and vinification for a long time. The winery and its wines received organic certification in 1999 and have since followed the techniques. It consists of practices like green harvest and dense plantations.

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