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Villa Cialdini

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Around 1860, Cleto's Lambrusco gained popularity and distinguished itself from the competition. From 1900 until 1945, the company saw substantial business growth thanks to its capacity for innovation and the improvement of production methods. By this time, Cleto's son Anselmo had taken over the family business, and under his leadership, output peaked in the 1930s at well over a million bottles annually. Following him, Anselmo's sons Giovanni and Giorgio took the helm, and the post-war period's enthusiasm aided in the production's expansion to more than 3 million bottles throughout the 1950s. Since 1964 Giorgio's sons have overseen the business. In 2000, the Chiarli winery took a new and crucial step in its long journey by building a winery that aspires to unwavering perfection.  

Particularly, over time, the Chiarli family have amassed extensive agricultural holdings in regions best adapted for the manufacture of the many Lambrusco varieties. Around 100 hectares of vineyards are owned by Chiarli and scattered across three agricultural estates. In the town of Castelvetro, the Tenuta is situated in the centre of the Lambrusco Grasparossa region. The vineyards cover more than 50 hectares and reach the base of the earliest hills, where old alluvial deposits of the river created the soils. The well-known Cialdini vineyard is located on the property. The Sozzigalli estate can be found on the plains towards the north of Modena. The clay and silt-rich soils are perfect for cultivating the Sorbara grape to its full potential.  

With more than 140 years of experience under its belt, Chiarli has created a production method that highlights the distinctive qualities of its wines to the fullest. The method created and used in the wineries run by the Chiarli family is founded on a very straightforward arrangement. The grapes are squashed as soon as they are harvested, and the juice is then quickly cooled and stored in refrigerator tanks. A single fermentation using only the sugary mixture inside the tank results in the finished sparkling wine. The wine is then sealed in bottles under completely sterile circumstances, at extremely low temperatures, and with pressure-tight machinery.

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