About Villalobos

Located in the Ranguili Village in the Colchagua Valley of Chile, the Villalobos Vineyards are known for producing some of the best Carignan grape varietals in Chile. The proximity of the Pacific Ocean and the dry summers prevailing here help to bring richness, concentration and flavour to the grapes grown in these vineyards. The vines were planted here during the 1940s and 1950s by the Villalobos family.

The main aim of this wine label was to reintroduce the rich Carignan varietal back into Chile and to let more and more people enjoy the richness of the fruit. At the vineyards, the family doesn’t use any of the sophisticated tools that are associated with the usual viticultural practices in the other wineries. It always respects the environment. This is because the quality of the grapes depends on the season and the quality of the terroir of these vineyards.

The Carignan grapes grown here are known for their natural balance. This is because the family uses natural herbs and draught horses on the farm. No pesticides or fertilisers are used on the vines. Also, the grapes are carefully harvested by hand; therefore, the fruits are picked at the right stage. At the winery, the grapes are processed with the help of natural gravity, so that they aren’t exposed to any harsh pumping or filtering. Neutral French oak barrels are used for the natural and gradual ageing of the wines. This helps the wine to rest well and bring out its natural flavours in full form.

The wines created by this brand are:

Silvestre Carignan – This is made from 100% Carignan grown in Lolol in the Colchagua Valley. The hand-picked grapes are vinified with the help of natural yeasts.

Lobo Carmenere – This is made from 100% Carmenere grapes grown in the Colchagua Valley.

Zorrito Salvaje – This is made from 50% Cinsault and 50% Pais.

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