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Viña Cobos

About Viña Cobos

Wines made by Via Cobos are true representations of the region from which they are sourced. In order to create wines that specifically represent their origins, Paul Hobbs, the founding partner and producer at Via Cobos, has worked since 1988 to explore the many terroirs of Mendoza. He specifically sought out the most prestigious locations like Luján de Cuyo and the Valle de Uco. With the release of the first Cobos Malbec vintage in 1999, Via Cobos established a new benchmark for viticulture, defied convention, and solidly established Malbec and Argentina on the world wine scene. 

This winery's two best vineyards are in Argentina's Mendoza area. Mendoza's premier growing zone, Luján de Cuyo, is supplied by snowmelt from the Andes flowing down the Mendoza River. High elevations are between 945 and 1,100 meters. With a subsurface of clay, sand, silt, and rock, the soil is of an alluvial kind producing juicy grapes. 

The Valle de Uco is the title of the cold, high-altitude valley that lies close to the Andes Mountains. The height of vineyard sites varies from 900 to 1,400 m. The terrain is alluvial, rocky, sandy, and in certain places, limestone-rich. Mendoza has an arid climate, with summertime experiencing the most precipitation. Summers are humid and hot, where typical temperatures surpass 25 °C. All of these factors strongly influence the production of this winery's excellent wines.

This vineyard has taken many measures to demonstrate its commitment to environmental conservation. They place a high value on organic principles, managing waste to produce compost, using organic fertilizers to protect plants, and using interrow grasses to repair the amount of soil nitrogen present. Also, the vineyard is powered by solar panels, and money generated by the sale of waste products is utilised to fund programmes that promote child nutrition as well as the financial support of the neighbourhood health centre and schools.

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