About Vivanco

The Vivanco Winery is an important name in the wine market of Spain. You will locate this in the Briones region, as a part of the massive Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture. When Rafael Vivanco joined this winery that was founded by this father, he completely transformed the place to become one of the important wine producers in Spain. Though this winery was established in the 1980s, it started witnessing massive development only when Rafael joined the business in 2001.

He brought with him his rich winemaking experience that he had learnt in the premium Bordeaux region of France.  This brand’s own vineyards are spread across a sprawling area of 300 acres, from where all the grapes are sourced for making wines. Tempranillo is the most-abundantly but not the only grape varietal grown in these vineyards. All the 300 hectares are located in the Finca El Cantillo appellation, an area which is named thus because of the large presence of boulders found here.

Apart from Tempranillo grapes that are grown in Rioja Alta, Vivanco wines are also made using Viura planted in Rioja Alta and Rioja Baja, Garnacha planted in the central areas and Rioja Baja, Graciano planted in the central areas and Rioja Baja and Mazuelo planted in the central areas. The vineyards from where the grapes are sourced for Vivanco wines are Briones, San Vicente, Badaran, Aleson, Alberite, Villamediana, Agoncillo and Tudelilla.

The Vivanco winery was set up with the main aim of respecting the quality of the grapes and retaining their flavours & natural character to the maximum possible extent.  The hand-picked grapes are cooled in the winery for a day before their temperature is lowered to 3 degrees Celsius. This is done to retain the aromas and the colours of the fruits. Usage of French oak vats, gravity-fed vatting and malolactic fermentation are the other techniques found in this winery.

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