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Warre’s Wines was established in 1870, but the roots for this company were developed during as early as 1670. It was during this time that two men from England, William Burgoyne and John Jackson decided to start a trading company in the north part of Portugal. Today, Warre’s Wines are one of the most popular wine brands in the country. 

These wines are crafted from grapes grown across many vineyards including the Quinta da Cavadinha, Quinta do Retiro Antigo, Quinta da Telhada and a new experimental vineyard. 

Quinta da Canvadinha 

The grapes that grow here mostly have a thick skin and concentrated juice inside. Old vines occupy a major proportion of these vineyards. You will find vines of various altitudes here. While the grapes grown at elevated levels are known for their elegance, the fruits grown at low heights, near the Pinaho River, are known for their dark reddish hue and intense flavours.

Quinta do Retiro Antigo

Retiro wines are known for their intensity and ageing potential. They have a powerful tannin-finish and are dominated by violets and mint flavours. These are some of the oldest vines you will find in the entire Douro Valley, because 73% of the vineyards were planted during the early part of 19th century!

Quinta da Telhada

The unique grape varietals grown in these vineyards are known for their distinct black chocolate & blackcurrant fragrance. This is because of the natural extravaganza and superior soil quality found in the Touriga Nacional area.

Experimental Vineyard

Thanks to the success of the old vines cultivations, the Warre family wanted to explore newer vineyards and the blend the best of traditional & modern winemaking methods to craft the best quality of wines. With the same climatic and soil quantities as the old vineyards, these experimental vineyards gave a good platform for the Warre family to understand the potential of vine cultivation here.

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