Waterford Estate

Waterford Estate

About Waterford Estate

Waterford Estate is a famous boutique winery in the hub of Stellenbosch wine region, South Africa. Established in 1998, it is an Eco-friendly and sustainable wine estate.

Waterford Estate, by Jeremy Ord, is born out of a love for South Africa's landscape and his passion for wine. In 1998, he purchased it and commenced with the plantation of vineyards on it in the rich soil of Helderberg Mountain.
Renowned designer Alex Walker also designed a winery that incorporates the natural landscape in its design. The winery leads into a beautiful estate that perfectly fits the mountain and vineyard surroundings.

Waterford Estate produces sustainable wine using water. The winery uses several eco-friendly techniques in an attempt to reduce environmental degradation. The estate applies a drip irrigation system to save water, and plants cover crops between the vine rows to avoid soil erosion.

For example, the winery utilises integrated pest management whereby natural predators are used in place of pesticides to control pests and insects. This assists in preserving the natural environment around these vineyards.

While touring the Helderberg mountain range, one notices that the land has a distinct character that shapes the grapes. It is in these varied regions, from lowest to highest elevations, that the vineyards at Waterford Estate have struck roots. The differences in altitude across the property generate multiple microenvironments, permitting diverse grape varieties to thrive in their suitable spots.
Across the hills, there were one hundred and twenty acres of vineyards spread across three estates. Each property has unique features allowing for the cultivation of different grapes. Because of this, wines with varying aromas and tastes could be crafted. Sometimes long vines grow in warmer spots, ideal for full-bodied reds. Elsewhere, shorter stocks thrived in cooler clays, suited to crisp whites.

The Waterford Estate is a winery which seeks to be sustainable while maintaining quality production of wines reflecting the natural diversity of the region in South Africa. The winery is unique because it has committed itself to environmental sustainability, as well as the fact that it is situated in one of the most beautiful places in South Africa.


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