Weingut Sepp & Maria Muster

Weingut Sepp & Maria Muster

About Weingut Sepp & Maria Muster

Located towards the southern part of Styria and close to Slovenia's border, the Sepp & Muster winery is a family-owned estate that makes its wines from a small, 22-hectare vineyard, owned by Sepp & Muster.  Out of these, 10 hectares are under the vine currently. They took over their family-owned estate in 2000 and started making wines on a large scale under this label.  The family aims to grow grapes only on healthy soils, thereby producing rich and intense wines every single time.

In a bid to protect the terroirs of cultivation and minimize intervention, the family moved to biodynamic farming techniques. In 2003, the group became a member of the Demeter Association, an international biological organisation Members that follow biodynamic techniques are a part of this group. 

The vineyards are located in hilly regions, where the terroirs are dominated by clay and rocky soils. In the local dialect, these clay silts are addressed as Opok. The wines created on Opok soils have unique minerality, balance and structure. 

Some of the popular wines of this label are:

Sauvignon vom Opok – Made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is created from grapes grown on limestone and clay soils in the Sudsteiermark appellation. Indigenous yeasts are used to ferment these wines. Fermentation happens in big wooden casks, where they are aged for 20 months. No filtration or fining happens when these wines are bottled.

Opok – This wine is made from a blend of many varietals, such as, Welschriesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Muskateller, grown on the limestone and clay soils of Sudsteiermark appellation. These hand-harvested grapes are destemmed carefully before they are fermented in wooden casks, with the help of indigenous yeasts. After a while, they are moved to elevated barrels, where they are aged for 19 months, before proceeding to the bottling stage.

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