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Located in the Central Otago region of New Zealand, Wild Earth Winery was established by Quintin Quider. Though he was a professional diver, he wanted to get into the business of winemaking because of the excellent quality of New Zealand’s landscapes. He left his native Southern California to set up his family and business in Central Otago as he developed an unending passion for the characteristic Pinot Noir of New Zealand.

While Pinot Noir is the flagship varietal of Wild Earth Wines, the label also cultivates other grapes such as the aroma-filled Pinot Gris, dry, sweet-tasting Riesling and the elegant Pinot Noir Rose’ wines as well. Recently, the label also started making Chardonnay wines. The family-owned winery located at Bannockburn’s Felton Road is blessed with clay, loamy and silty soils which help to grow different varietals. The alpine climate of the place is yet another interesting factor for the richness of the wines created here.

Some of the popular wines from the label of Wild Earth Wines are:

Wild Earth Pinot Noir – This wine is made from Pinot Noir grapes grown in a selected lot in Bannockburn. It contains 13.5% alcohol. Fine-grain French oak barrels are used for ageing this wine.

Wild Earth Pinot Gris – Known for its unique salty taste, this wine is made from Pinot Gris grapes cultivated in the Gibbston Valley. A small portion of Pinot Gris is also sourced from Bannockburn. Stainless steel tanks and French Oak barrels are used for fermenting this wine.

Wild Earth Riesling – This wine is made from Riesling grapes cultivated in the Bendigo vineyard of Central Otago. The hand-harvested grapes are bunch-pressed and then allowed to ferment at a cool temperature to retain the flavours and the characters of the fruit.

Wild Earth Chardonnay – The subtle and citrus Chardonnay wine is made from grapes cultivated in the Pisa vineyards and Bendigo vineyards located n the Cromwell basin.

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