Willunga 100

Willunga 100

About Willunga 100

This South Australian wine brand is known for creating award-winning McLaren Vale range of wines. The wines made from premium quality of Grenache grapes are their speciality wine range. The small team that built this brand takes full credit for realising the full potential of the extremely ancient and nutrient-rich soils of the Grenache vines. Mike Farmilo, expert winemaker and Tim James, professional consultant, joined together to form the Willunga 100 Wines. The area that is within 100 square miles of Willunga is from where most of the grapes are sourced, for this winery today.

Some of the popular wines made in Willunga 100 Wines are the following

2016 The Tithing Grenache - Made from rich, dark, bright and juice McLaren Vale Grenache, this wine is a true representation of the character of the vineyard. This wine is aged well in oak barrels and then transferred to bottles, where it again settles for a long time, before it is eventually released to the world.

2015 The Hundred Grenache - You will love this wine if you are a lover of fruity and spicy wines. The colour of this wine is bright red and it has a strong but pleasing aromas of spring rose and fruits. The slight touches of strawberry, cinnamon and sandy tannins give a heavenly taste to this wine.

2017 Grenache Rose - With a tannin profile for the palate and crisp acidic content, this rose wine variety is one of the best you will ever taste. The pale pink colour, along with its unmissable strawberry aroma, makes the wine not only pleasing for your throat, but your eyes as well.

2015 Cabernet Shiraz - With the varietal characteristics of Cabernet and the undeniable rich flavours of the Shiraz grapes, this wine is smooth and bold at the same time. The mulberry, plum and eucalyptus flavours are hard to miss in this wine.

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