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Wolf & Woman

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Jolandie Fouche was born in cape town. Her childhood was spent in Swartland, where she roamed all over the farm, getting familiar with the vineyards. Jolandie studied at Elsenburg agricultural training institute for a B. Agric degree. This was followed by harvest seasons in California and Australia. 

For a decade, Fouche was learning as much as she could about the South African industry, and it was at this time that she decided to give her passion project her attention. This was wolf and woman wines. Presently, she lives in Swartland with kiddos Helen and zander and her husband, Gustav. She spends most of her time in the vineyards or the cellar. 

One of the things that makes wolf and woman stand out is the lengthy exploration and research put into finding the best soils for vineyards. Wolf and woman is a small winery that focuses on unlocking Swartlands old vines' magic. These give some unique expression of the granite, iron, and schist soils where they grow. 

Wolf and woman partners with other growers to help farm sustainably and to produce high-quality grapes without negative impact on the environment or the vineyards. To create the best wines, you need to understand the vineyards, and this is one thing that has worked at this winery. The company doesn’t use additives. There is only a sulphur touch. The wines are put in a combination of concrete and natural oak to help amplify the cadence and rhythms. 

One of the things that stand out about this brand is the labels. It was as a result of a quote sent to her by her husband and a book written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes that she got the inspiration. She associated the book with winemaking, and thus the label was born. 

Wolf and woman strives to create sincere and honest wines that tell stories about the seasons and unveil unique personalities in a great way.

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