Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi

About Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi had faith that California and the Napa Area would eventually produce wines that could compete head-to-head with the best in the world. After completing his education and following his father's direction, he established the renowned Robert Mondavi Winery in 1966 close to Oakville, California. It was the first significant winery to be developed in Napa Valley following Prohibition. After his first winery achieved great success, he decided to follow his second aim of producing mouth-watering wines for daily delight. Being a Lodi native, Robert was well aware that the area was perfect for cultivating wine grapes, allowing him to make high-quality wines at competitive costs. He bought a local grape growers' cooperative in 1979, and the Woodbridge Winery was created, taking its name after a nearby community.

A founder and inventor in the California wine industry, Robert Mondavi was able to secure high-quality grapes which would yield exceptional wines by utilising cutting-edge technology for his wineries, applying novel growing methods, and building partnerships with nearby producers. For instance, the Woodbridge Winery became the first significant winery to produce white wine on a big scale using the "Direct-To-Press" technique. Moreover, smooth, accessible wines are produced by small winery traditions including maturing select lots in American and French oak barrels and letting the wines on the lees for increased aging. The Woodbridge winemaking staff guarantees that the finished blends are citrus and quite balanced by tasting each lot separately to identify its unique taste profiles.

With all the focus on winemaking and expanding his business Robert didn't forget to show gratitude to the environment which provides him with the ingredients. They succeed in creating high-quality wine in particular because of organic farming practices and refraining from using chemicals everywhere. The staff inspects the vines every day, keeping an eye on the increase in sweetness, flavour, and acidity. They only harvest when the flavour is at its maximum and use grapes that have been proven to be sustainable. Along with maintaining the most natural grapevine management strategies, the team also strives to uphold its commitment to land preservation.

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