Yarra Yering

Yarra Yering

About Yarra Yering

There are quite a few historic winemaking regions in Australia. The Yarra Valley region in Victoria is one of them. Yarra Yering, one of the ancient, reputed and scenic vineyards in this region, was established in 1969 by Dr. Bailey Carrodus. The location of the vineyards, at the base of the Warramate Hills, is a huge attraction for wine enthusiasts across the world.

Dr. Carrodus spent a lot of time studying some of the best vineyards in the regions of Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, to understand the terroirs and climatic conditions. When he came back to Australia, he started his search for a vineyard with excellent terroirs, and his search led him to the Yarra Valley region in Victoria. After his death in 2008, the vineyard was sold to a couple of Yarra businessmen, who were passionate about making wines.

The vineyards are spread across 70 acres at the base of the Warramate hills. This region is blessed with excellent climatic conditions, proper drainage facility, right elevation levels and wonderful exposure to the sun all through the day. Therefore, the grapes grown here are elegant and precise. Cabernet, Pinot, Shiraz and Chardonnay are the traditional varietals planted across these 70 acres.

In the recent past, some new varietals have also been added to reach out to a wider audience across the globe. Hand-picked fruits are picked early in the morning and passed on to the winery, where they are sorted carefully after the destemming and traditional crushing processes. This is to ensure that only the best fruit is passed on to the next level of winemaking.

The wooden tea chest fermenters are lined with stainless steel. These were designed by Dr.Carrodus himself so that the barrels could hold the exact amount of fruits that could fit in them for basket-pressing. This tradition is still followed at the Yarra Yering winery.

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