Yering Station

Yering Station

About Yering Station

If you are looking for wines that are a perfect blend of old-world charm and novel sophistication, you need to buy Yering Station Wines. Located in the Yarra Valley, Yering Station is the most ancient vineyard in Victoria. You can get to this sprawling & historic property in just about one hour from Melbourne.

The winery was first planted in 1838 and the beauty of the wines made here is that they are processed using techniques that have been in use for many decades; yet, the process combines innovative sophistications incorporated by expert wine-makers in the field. This winery was set up in 1838 and named “Yering” by the Ryrie brothers. A few years back, in 1996, this winery was acquired by the Rathbone family.

This winery is set up in a beautiful landscape that is known for its architectural brilliance, natural extravaganza and historical culture. This winery, apart from being a major tourist destination in Victoria, is also the birthplace of some exotic, award-winning wines crafted by the experts in the field. People coming here can take a look at the cellar door & art gallery and enjoy the local produce while enjoying a tasty meal at the in-house restaurant, after taking a tour of the winery.

The Yering Wine is known for its impeccable purity and balance. The fact that it is produced only in very small numbers makes it all the more magical. Wines made from Yarra Valley’s most premium grape, Chardonnay, are quite popular in the Yering Station Winery. These grapes have a beautiful citrus flavour that reflects in the wines.

Red wines in the Yering Station Winery are mostly made from the Pinot Noir grape variety. These grapes are very different from the others because their taste and aroma are different based on the areas where they are cultivated. Shiraz and Viognier are the other medium-sized grapes that are used for wine-making in the Yering Station Winery.

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