About Zorzal

Zorzal, the Argentinian wine brand, was established in 2008, to reflect the immense wine potential of the Gualtallary region to the entire world. Ever since its inception, the group has been working hard so that the wines created here are true representations of the unique natural extravaganza of the Gualtallary region. Located in Tupungato towards the north of the Uco Valley in the Mendoza Province, this region is known for its high-altitude vineyards.

Here, the vineyards are planted at a height of around 1200 to 1600m above sea level, which makes them the best place to produce terroir wines, the speciality of the Zorzal label. The Zorzal winery is set up in such a way that it uses sophisticated technology to ensure that the grapes are processed naturally with minimal use of machinery. The winery is constructed on four levels, to allow for natural transportation of the grapes with the help of gravity, so that the dependence on pumps would be reduced to a considerable extent.

The use of roll fermenters, cement eggs and other advanced machinery for the grinding, fermenting and guarding processing ensure that the flavor and intensity of the fruits are retained even when the wines are bottled. The temperature-controlled French oak barrels, foudres and cement eggs used in the winery, help to keep the balance, purity, life and minerality of the wines intact.

The wine ranges are of different categories. Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon are used for making the Terroir Unico range, which is cultivated in different altitudes of the Gualtallary area. The Gran Terroir range is made from fruits grown only in the Albo region in central Gualtallary.  The Eggo line of wines is the modern range of wines that use cement eggs for fermentation and ageing. The conceptual range of wines aren’t limited by the Gualtallary region and are created by passionate winemakers.

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