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Li Veli

About Li Veli

The Falvo family have a long wine making background, which is why when in 1999 they took over at Masseria Li Veli and rejuvenated the site, good things were sure to follow. With 33 hectares of vineyards laid out in a system pioneered by the Romans. Negroamaro makes up the majority planting which is a full-bodied, rich and elegant grape that makes lovely and complex wines and shines best in warm temperatures.

We at Vinvm are proud to list a variety of their wines and showcase the excellence coming out of Puglia. Our particular favourites come from the Askos (Greek for Decanter) range, which was set up to show the very best of the ancient Apulian grape varieties that have dwindled in numbers over recent years. These include Susumaniello, Verdeca & Malvasia Nera.

Our must tries are the Passamante & Askos Susumaniello.

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