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The story of Maxville remains intricately knit with an area called Chiles Valley, located at an elevation or altitude of 1000 feet in Napa Valley. The region had formerly gotten known as “The High Valley.” Its name changed after Colonel Joseph Chiles came to California to settle down there in 1841. He came across the land after an extensive search starting from Monterey and Rutherford. The valley instantly appealed to him, making him want to spend the rest of his days there.

During his settlement, Joseph came across the native people of the region called the Wappo Indians. He communicated with them using sign language and developed an amicable relationship. It led to General Vallejo granting Joseph several thousand acres of land named Rancho Catacula in 1844. Joseph used the plot to build a house, make whiskey, grow crops, and develop Northern California’s first flour mill.

The tale jumps to 1949 when a notable speaker and writer, Charles Simmons, acquired a Chiles Valley property of 1000 acres to initiate a children’s summer camp. It got named Bar 49 Recreation Ranch, operating under Edward Alvin Keith. Edward worked to develop a recreational place for children of various backgrounds to study horseback riding, fishing, boating, ranch living, and other team activities. The Keith family commenced their venture of planting vineyards in 1974 for the first time. They believed they had to preserve the property’s integrity and naturalness. The oldest vines found in Maxville’s vineyards date back to this period.

In 2014, the current owners and managers of the estate purchased the land from the Keith family, renaming it Maxville. The winery and its grounds experienced extensive renovations under the supervision and guidance of Anthony Hsu, its CEO. Today, Maxville produces some of the best wines in California, appealing to the entire world.

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