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A few countries located in and around the Caucasian Mountain Range are known as the Cradle of Wine. These countries include Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Northern Iran and Eastern Turkey. Armenia, especially, is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world today.  The continental climate and volcanic soil in the country help it produce wines that are highly acidic in taste.

The lowest altitude of vines is located at 300m, and the cool climate of this country has a very good impact on the full-bodied nature and character of the grapes grown here. This area is known for some of the unique native grapes that you can find only in Armenia. These grapes are:

  • Karmrahyut – known for its dominant tannins
  • Arenia – most popular red grape varietal of Armenia; famously addressed as the Armenian Pinot Noir
  • Kangun – Highly acidic and citrus fruit; grown only in high-altitude areas

Wine producing areas

When you take a tour around Armenia, you will find that the country is filled with wineries and vineyards all over. There are quite a lot of areas here that produce high-quality and distinct-tasting wine. They are:

  • Aragatsotn Province
  • Ararat Province
  • Armavir Province
  • Gegharkunik Province
  • Kotayk Province
  • Shirak Province
  • Syunik Province
  • Tavush Province
  • Vayots Dzor Province
  • Yerevan

Winemaking technique

Armenia is known for following a unique winemaking technique known as Karasi. Karas is the term referred to huge barrels that are lined with wax. These barrels are temperature controlled and designed in such a way that the wines represent the true character and flavour of the grapes used to craft them.

Grape varietals grown

Apart from the native grapes mentioned above, you will also see other grape varietals here such as Pinot Noir and white wine grapes that include Rkatsiteli, Pinot Blanc and Aligonte.

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