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Croatia is one of the oldest winemaking countries in the world.  It was over 2500 years ago that the Greek settlers had started producing wine in the areas in and around the Dalmatian Islands. Wine has been and continues to be an important drink of the Croatians to date. Most of the wines crafted in Croatia are white wines. Red wines and rose’ wines contribute to a small amount of the total wines crafted here.

Climate favours the grapes

Croatia has cold winters, hot summers and enough rainfall throughout the year to make the soil fertile here. In the Dalmatian Islands, the vineyards are located on hills and slopes, due to which, they are well exposed to sunlight. The Slavonian Oak Forest is the place, from where the wineries get their oak to make barrels for fermentation of their wines.

Wine producing regions

In Croatia, you will find two most important wine regions – Continental and Coastal. The continental area of Croatia is where you will find a majority of white wine grape varietals. Slavonia is the most popular wine-making area in this region. Grasevena, known for yielding light and crisp white wines, are cultivated in plenty here.

Coastal Croatia is known for its Mediterranean climate, where the summers are long and winters are short. This place is known for the juicy white wine grapes, especially the Malvazija.  You will also find a lot of dry and bold red wine grape varietals here, especially the Teran.

Grape varietals

Most of the varietals grown in Croatia are quite native to the place and not used in most of the other parts of the world. Some of the white varietals grown here are Bogdanusa, Debit, Chardonnay, Grasevina, Grk, Marastina, Muskat Zuti, Neuburger and the like.  The red varietals include Alicante Bouschet, Babic, Barbera, Jarbola, Nebbiolo, Plavac Mali and the like.

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