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England is known for its long and rich history and the Royal Family. England is a new entry in the case of wine brewery. Not so long ago, England wine meant Fizz. Nowadays, it has started brewing all varieties of wine. 

White wine is known as the best type of English wine, and they are usually made from grapes imported from Germany and France. Some of the famous white wines of England are Bacchus, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.

Flint Vineyard Bacchus is a wine that was introduced in the year 2017 by Flint vineyard in Norfolk. This wine made by fermenting in six separate tanks, with different techniques for pressing at different fermentation temperature and yeast strains.

Winbirri Bacchus wine was introduced in the year 2016 by Winbirri vineyard. The Winbirri Bacchus is a type of white wine which won an award for the Best Value White Wine from a single variety of grape. Winbirri vineyard is a 25-acre vineyard which is located on the edge of the Norfolk Broads National park.

Nanette's English Rose can be consumed alone without any sides as they have their crispy taste. It is a mix of Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay which gives its unique taste. This is produced by a Kent based wine producer.

Lyme Bay Pinot Noir is a wine produced by Lyme Bay winemakers. English red wines are not one of the greatest or famous red wines. The grapes are of special quality, which was grown by Michael and Heather Bunker in Essex. The grapes were of great quality and taste which made the wine tasteful and aromatic.

Currently, there are around 500 vineyards and 130 wineries in the UK. Every year, close to 5million bottles of wine are produced by England and out of these, around 60% belong to the sparkling wine category.  Sussex, Kent and Surrey are the main wine growing regions here.

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