Wines of Greece

If you want to taste ancient wines made from unique, indigenous grape varietals, you have to taste the wines from Greece. Greece is one of the first European countries to ever produce wine and has a rich legacy and history to boast about. The history of vine growing and winemaking in Greece can be traced back to as early as 4500-1050 AD.

Wine regions

Greek vineyards are known for their unique soil and climate. The average altitude of the vineyards here is around 1000m above sea level, which makes the grapes full-bodied and flavourful.  The most wine regions of Greece are Macedonia, Aegean Islands, Thrace, Peloponnese, Crete, Thessaly, Central Greece and the Ionian Islands.

Indigenous grape varietals

Greece is home to many unique and indigenous grape varietals. The most famous ones are the following:

Red varietals

  • Agiorgitiko - cultivated in the Peloponnese area
  • Limino - grown in the Aegean Islands
  • Mandilaria - grown in Crete
  • Mavrodaphne - grown in the Ionian Islands
  • Xinomavro - grown in Macedonia

White varietals

  • Assyrtiko - native of the Santorini Island
  • Debina - grown in Epirus 
  • Robola - cultivated in the mountains of the Ionian Islands
  • Malagousia - grown primarily in Macedonia
  • Roditis - grown in Macedonia, Thessaly and Peloponnese


Greece wine has come a long way, but the biggest quality of the country is that it still uses traditional methods to make wine. Winemakers still use their hand to make their wines. Only the best quality of indigenous grapes are used for crafting wines here, which explains the distinct flavour of the Greek wines. Today, lots of new winemakers have come up in Greece and they have been using updated equipment to blend their wines. When you step into the unique appellations of Greece, you will find a perfect balance of traditional and new winemakers, making excellent wines even today.

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