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The wines of Portugal are quite different from most of the other geographies because it is a wonderful blend of Greek, Roman, Phoenician and Carthaginian styles. The wines here are known for their special character and flavour because they are made using the indigenous grapes that are special to this region. 

You will find many types of soil quality in the main wine growing areas of Portugal. This helps in promoting the cultivation and growth of grapes in the most natural way possible. The wine-rich area here is located in Vinho Verde. The grapes here are not very ripe and the port wines produced here are one of the most exported Portuguese wines in the world today.

Other wines

  • Douro Wines are also crafted in Vinho Verde and they are quite bitter to taste. This is one of the most ancient wines produced in Portugal as its history can be traced back to as early as 1679.
  • Dao Wines are created in the mountain regions of Regiao Demarcada do Dao. 
  • Bairrada Wines, created in the Regiao Demarcada da Bairrada, is made from insanely mature grapes. The soil in this region is clayey. Red, White, table and sparkling wines are produced here.
  • Alentejo Wines are made from grapes cultivated on the plains with a very sunny climate.
  • Colares Wines are made from grapes cultivated on sandy soils near Lisbon.

Grape varietals

Some of the indigenous grape varietals that are authorised for producing wines are Vinhos Verdes, Bucelas, Alentejo,  Madeira, Tejo and the like. Wine tourism should be an important part of your travel agenda when you visit Portugal. You can take a look at some of the historic wineries here and get first-hand information about ancient winemaking methods. You can also get to taste some of the exotic quality of wines prepared from indigenous varieties, making your trip worth every penny you pay for it.

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