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Slovenian wines are rich, historical, diverse and unique. The winemaking tradition was introduced in Slovenia during the days of the Celts and Illyrian tribes, much before winemaking techniques were introduced in big countries like France, Spain and Germany. Today, Slovenia has around 14 wine-growing districts and around 52 wine varieties, which speaks volumes of the country’s progress in this area.

What’s unique here?

One of the major highlights of Slovenian wine is its distinct regional flavour. Each of the 14 wine-growing districts of Slovenia is marked by different climatic conditions, soil quality and cellaring techniques. Located right in the middle of the wine-growing belt of Europe, the Slovenian vineyards bear a striking resemblance to the famous wine region of Burgundy, located in France.

Wine growing regions

The three wine-growing areas in Slovenia are Littoral Region, Lower Sava Region and Drava Region. 

Littoral Region - Here, two very famous wine districts of Slovenia can be found. They are the Gorizia Hilla (also known as Brda) and Koper Districts.  Here you will find cultivations of International grape varietals such as Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot, in plenty. You will also find other native varietals such as Rebulla, Refosco and Friulano. Rebulla white wine is very famous here.

Lower Sava Region - Though white wine is more famous in Slovenia than red wine, the Lower Sava Region is the only place in the country, where you will find more reds than whites. The three important wine districts here are:

  • Bizeljsko-Brezice - known for sparkling wines and Rumeni Plavec grapes
  • Lower Carniola - known for Cvicek grapes
  • White Carniola - known for Modra Frankinja and Rumeni Muskat grapes

Drava Region

This is the biggest white wine producing area in Slovenia and has 7 wine-growing districts in it. The native white wine grapes of Diseci Traminec and Ranina are quite popular here.

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